The use of the hookah
1, bottles of water to smoke, cover tube 0.8 -1 cm, shoulds not be too much water, not more than 2 cm, otherwise suck up will be more demanding.
2, attaches the metal pot body, and then take smoke pot body and the bottle.
3, put smoke circular plate in the pot body fixed on it.
4, the smoke ring clasp on smoke plate, and then put the smoke a bowl placed on the grommet, and pay attention to air seal; When placing ceramic bowl smoke can't be too hard or easy to cause fracture.
5, in the pipe on the pipe mouth of the pot body set of grommet, put the wooden end of the pipe connected to the black rubber, and pay attention to air seal; If it is manifold pipes, the pipe connected to other in turn.
6, cut tobacco and the water to the ceramic bowl, smoke to keep smoke is fluent, pay attention to tobacco cannot put too much too crowded; And advice on tobacco and retain few ullage between under the tin foil.
7, the whole place cut a square tin foil smoke tobacco material ceramic bowl encase pinched (keep), one end of the clip on tin foil with a toothpick or carbon some holes.
8, with carbon clip a special hookah charcoal, use lighter to burn charcoal through red; Note at this point there is still a black carbon burning, straw began to breathe in and out are available, and can accelerate the carbon burning through entirely, but at the moment don't inhale into the lungs.
9, cover the wind cap, if you are outdoors to enjoy the Arab hookah, wind cap can prevent the dust in the wind blows away the charcoal.
10, disposable suction nozzle set on smoke tube, began to try to drag a few; The charcoal burning may not be enough to fully, can begin to breathe in and out, accelerate charcoal burning through, but don't inhale into the lungs.
11, smoke valve is used to prevent gas from entering the air bottle, when have free of smoke tube, with a small steel ball valve plug.